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Welsh Assembly approves Sprinkler Bill

Requirement of sprinkler in Welsh housing being approved
Welsh Assembly in Cardiff approves the proposal of requirement of sprinkler in all new Welsh housing

Sprinkler Bill approved by Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

In Cardiff the Welsh Assembly in a plenary session approved the general principles of proposed legislation to require sprinklers in all new Welsh housing.

Assembly Member Ann Jones, who put forward the proposal, has been giving television interviews all day. At 12:30 she gave a press conference, joined by Caroline Tucker, who suffered 75% burns as she failed, when 11 years old, to save her 4 year old sister from a fire in their home in Swansea, Wales. Ann, Caroline and her mother were supported by the presence of about 40 uniformed Fire Chiefs and Officers, who came from all over the United Kingdom.

It was such a powerful message than when Ann's proposal came up for discussion in the afternoon plenary session there were no comments, no objections and the proposal was passed without the need for a vote. This is not the end of the process, amendments can and will be tabled. However, it is now very likely that the legislation will become law sometime next year.

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