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Bosch to show HD surveillance solutions and automatic fire detectors at Security Essen 2010

Published on 6 September 2010
Bosch Security Systems is extending its 420 Series of automatic fire detectors
The 420 Series of automatic fire

Bosch is participating at Security 2010 in Essen, Germany in hall 3/stand 409. Among other innovative products, solutions and services Bosch presents the following:

The complete High Definition surveillance portfolio

With the introduction of a complete portfolio of HD solutions, Bosch addresses the growing demand for HD systems in the network (IP) security market and takes image quality to the next level. With more detailed images, operators can distinguish small features in a scene - ideal for facial recognition and similar applications.

The Bosch H.264 implementation offers the benefits of broadcast quality video with up to 50 percent less storage space compared to MPEG-4. Every detail in the image is captured without any compromise in frame rate - an important feature for object recognition. The scalable recording solutions from Bosch allow security systems to be easily expanded to support HD, keeping initial investment costs down and supporting further system expansion. Leading the way in interoperability, all Bosch HD products are fully ONVIF conformant to ensure they integrate easily with third-party security solutions.

The 420 Series of automatic fire detectors

Bosch presents HD surveillance portfolio and 420 series automatic fire detector at Security Essen 2010

Bosch Security Systems is extending its 420 Series of automatic fire detectors with three new variants offering enhanced smoke detection. The new variants feature Bosch's innovative Dual Ray technology. This makes use of a dual-optical sensor that relies on the scattering of light emitted by two LEDs with different wavelengths (one infrared and one blue light) to measure smoke density and particle size. This enables the detectors to provide even more reliable differentiation between smoke particles and other particles caused, for example, by disturbances such as dust and steam.

The new variants - the FAP-DO 420 (Dual-Optical Smoke Detector), the FAP-DOT 420 (Multisensor Detector Dual-Optical, Thermal) and the FAP-DOTC 420 (Multisensor Detector Dual-Optical, Thermal, Chemical) - feature like all other 420 Series fire detectors Bosch's powerful ISP (Intelligent Signal Processing) technology, through which all sensor signals are pre-processed continually by dedicated internal evaluation electronics, analysed and linked with each other via a built-in microprocessor.

In addition to the required test fires of EN54-7 (TF2 to TF5), the new variants are capable of detecting test fires TF1 (open wood fires) and TF8 (liquid fire with low temperature and dark smoke, Decalin).

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