Holmatro CU 4055 C NCT II strong New Car Technology cutter

Product Profile

Over the past few years the A-, B- and C-pillars in modern cars have become substantially wider, deeper and thus stronger. These developments have obviously been made to increase occupant safety.

However, at the same time they have created a more difficult barrier for rescuers during victim extrication efforts after a collision. To surround and cut these expanding and increasingly complex vehicle constructions Holmatro has developed a brand new cutter: the CU 4055 C NCT II.

This cutter, the strongest from Holmatro so far, combines a wide blade opening (202 mm) and deeper reach with a significant cutting force of 1018 kN / 103.8 t.

New Car Technology

The CU 4055 C NCT II belongs to Holmatro's second generation of New Car Technology cutters. Its characteristic U-shaped blades are specifically designed to cut the advanced constructions and hard materials found in modern vehicles. Moreover, they do this with far more efficiency and at a much lower working pressure than possible with regular ‘General Purpose' type blades.

Holmatro's NCT blades pull the material into the cutting recess, where the cutting force is at its maximum. This results in a more controlled and smoother cut.


Being part of Holmatro's 4000-series this new cutter is equipped with many innovative features such as i-Bolt Technology (flat central bolt construction for better access, and superior cutting performance), single hose CORE Technology and LED lighting in the carrying handle.

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Technical Specification

Make Holmatro
Manufacturer Holmatro Rescue Equipment B.V.
Model code CU 4055 C NCT II
Cutter Opening (in.) 7.1~10
Max. Op Pressure (psi) >10000
Weight (lbs.) 30~40
Application Vehicle Extrication
Cutting Force (lbs.) >300,000
Additional info

Suitable for the latest vehicle extrications. Cutting capacity of 95 tons. i-Bolt central bolt construction.

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