Guide Infrared HD32/11 firefighting handheld thermal imager

Product Profile

Integrated with ultra-high resolution detector, the IR1190 firefighting handheld thermal imager offers you the best image clarity, which helps the firefighter to see through clouds of smoke and identify victims before they cause injuries and deaths; Advanced infrared temperature measuring technology assists you to locate the source of the fire and make accurate and timely decisions which can significantly influence the outcome of the detector. The wireless video transmission equipment is also available to deliver the first-hand information to the command center for an immediate and most authorized decision.

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Technical Specification

Make Guide Infrared
Manufacturer Guide Infrared
Model code HD32/11
Display High Resolution
Additional info
  • Casing by Ultem Thermalplastic enclosure, the IR1190 is most durable in firefighting use.
  • Ultra-high resolution detector ensures the best image quality to present any possible survivals.
  • Accurate temperature measurement help locate the fire source efficiently.
  • With super red hot technology, firefighters can effectively be alerted by the areas of intense heat and identify the spread of fire.
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