Guide Infrared IR136 cooled long range thermal camera

Product Profile

IR136 Thermal Camera is a long range camera used for anti-aircraft and surveillance application. Based on general IR technology, and integrated Guide unique research, IR136 is a thermal camera with several optimized solutions.

IR136 high resolution thermal camera is equipped with high sensitivity 3rd generation HgCdTe cooled FPA detector which provides effective solutions for night vision, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Particularly suitable for long-range detection, it could be applied to both stationary locations and moving vehicles.

Auto-adjusted sky & ground detection mode enables soldiers see any object within any temperature area under any of conditions simultaneously. This mode is extremely important for specialised anti-aircraft infrared thermal. Correction and calibration of the camera can be done by built-in programmed shutter. No extra manual work needed for calibration, such as covering the lens cover or finding clean and cloud-free sky. Control lens cover open or close remotely to avoid damage from rain, sand, dust and etc.

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Technical Specification

Make Guide Infrared
Manufacturer Guide Infrared
Model code IR136
Display High Resolution
Additional info
  • 320X256 high resolution imaging performance ; Dual-FOV optics for fast searching and accurate targeting                                                                            
  • Compact & rugged design
  • Powerful function and high reliability
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to be integrated into system
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