Pii Srl EPP06001/ITA Portable Powder Fire Extinguisher

Pii Srl EPP06001/ITA Extinguisher
BrandPii Srl
Model Code EPP06001/ITA
TypeStored Pressure
Extinguishing Agent TypePowder
Fire TypeClass A
Model Info

Pii Srl EPP06001/ITA is a stored pressure ABC powder portable extinguisher. The ABC dry powder contains 50% mono ammonium sulphate. This extinguisher is suitable for classes A B & C fires involving.Wood, paper & fabrics (A), Flammable liquids including petrol, oil, fat & paints (B) and Flammable gas (C). EPP06001/ITA is suitable for use on live electrical equipments in factories, offices and workshops.

Technical Data:

  • Extinguishing Classes: 43A 233 B-C
  • Utilisation Temperature: -30°C ~ +60°C
  • Discharge Time: 15 s
  • Range: 6 m
  • Diameter Cylinder: 170 mm
  • Testing Pressure: 30 bar
  • Bursting Pressure: 90 bar
  • Dimensions: 345 mm x 585 mm
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