MSA 10107821 Breathing Air Distribution System

MSA 10107821 Breathing Air Distribution System PPE Accessories
Model Code 10107821 Breathing Air Distribution System
Model Info

Point of Attachment Box, four-outlet, with Hansen Brass quick disconnects


One-stage filter:

  • First-stage particulate/bulk liquid separation filter element
    Filter Change Indicator changes from green to red color
  • Removes 95% of bulk particulate and liquids @ 5 microns
  • Pressure regulator and gauge operate in a 1-125 psi range
  • Four-outlet manifold – available with four outlet fitting options
  • Protective case is constructed of a corrosion-resistant polymer

Technical specifications:

Point of Attachment Dimensions and Weight:

  • Size: 23.5" L X 16.75" H X 8.5" D
  • Unit weight: 24.6 pounds
  • Maximum air flow: 50 scfm @ 110 psi

System Components:

  • Pressure regulator
  • Pressure gauge
  • 125 psi pressure relief valve
  • Outlet connection
  • Filter assembly
  • Air inlet 
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