Tyco SIN TY3261 flush pendent quick-response fire sprinkler

Tyco SIN TY3261 Fire Sprinkler

The Tyco® Model TY-QRF, 5.6 K-factor, flush pendent sprinklers are quick response - standard coverage decorative fusible solder type sprinklers. They are designed for use in commercial light and ordinary hazard occupancies such as offices and restaurants.

The TY-QRF features a separable escutcheon providing 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) vertical adjustment. This adjustment reduces the accuracy to which the fixed pipe drops to the sprinklers must be cut to help assure a perfect fit installation.

Physical characteristics

Body: Bronze
Deflector: Copper
Valve Cap: Brass
Orifice Seal: Copper
Heat Collectors: Copper

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