17 - 20 May, 2021 Asia/Singapore

Fire investigation is a specialist branch of forensic science. The analysis of a fire scene not only requires the investigator to determine the origin of the fire but also the cause and how the fire developed. It is one of the more challenging areas of forensic science due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the investigator’s job. Fire investigators need to understand the science behind the behavior of fire. At the same time, they must also recognize their limitations and, when needed, call on experts to assist.

Effective Fire Investigation Masterclass 2021 is a specialized program that provides practical knowledge on the different techniques required to investigate various fire incidents of different nature and scale. It explores the ways in which investigators can examine the charred remains of a fire and trace back, through the damage, to the point of origin and uncover the evidence of what caused the incident and reconstructing events.

An understanding of the chemistry of combustion and extinction is essential for any fire investigator. The attendees will study how materials can ignite, burn, and be extinguished and the probable route of a fire spread. The participants will also have the opportunity examine the relationship of the fire investigator with different stakeholders and will build an understanding of how they work together.

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