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To compare the following Fol-Da-Tank FIRE STRAINERS side-by-side, select between 2 to 5 models by ticking the check box and click "Compare".
Fol-Da-Tank FDS2.5 StrainerFol-Da-Tank FDS2.5
Fol-Da-Tank FDS2.5 floating strainer
2.5, Barrel
Fol-Da-Tank FDS3 StrainerFol-Da-Tank FDS3
Fol-Da-Tank FDS3 floating strainer
3, Barrel
Fol-Da-Tank FDS4 StrainerFol-Da-Tank FDS4
Fol-Da-Tank FDS4 floating strainer
4, Barrel
Fol-Da-Tank FDS4.5 StrainerFol-Da-Tank FDS4.5
Fol-Da-Tank FDS4.5 floating strainer
4, Barrel
Fol-Da-Tank FDS5 StrainerFol-Da-Tank FDS5
Fol-Da-Tank FDS5 floating strainer
5, Barrel
Fol-Da-Tank FDS6 StrainerFol-Da-Tank FDS6
Fol-Da-Tank FDS6 floating strainer
2.5, Barrel
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