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Icom IC-F50V RadioIcom IC-F50V
Icom IC-F50V VHF handheld transceiver with loud 700mW audio and vibration alert
5, VHF, Mobile
Icom IC-F60V RadioIcom IC-F60V
Icom IC-F60V UHF handheld transceiver with 700 mW audio and vibration alert
UHF, Mobile
Icom IC-F610 RadioIcom IC-F610
Icom IC-F610 UHF mobile transceiver radio with 256 channel capacity
UHF, Mobile
Icom IC-F61M RadioIcom IC-F61M
Icom IC-F61M compact and waterproof onboard radio with 700mW audio output power
UHF, Mobile
Icom IC-F621TR RadioIcom IC-F621TR
Icom IC-F621TR UHF trunked radio, 45 W
45, UHF, Mobile
Icom IC-F70DT RadioIcom IC-F70DT
Icom IC-F70DT VHF radio with built-in audio compander and 256 memory channels
5, VHF, Mobile
Icom IC-F70S - Portable VHF Transceiver RadioIcom IC-F70S - Portable VHF Transceiver
Icom IC-F70S - Portable VHF Transceiver
VHF, Portable
Icom IC-F9011T RadioIcom IC-F9011T
Icom IC-F9011T VHF P25 radio with digital, analog mixed mode operation
VHF, Mobile
Icom IC-F9511HT RadioIcom IC-F9511HT
Icom IC-F9511HT VHF P25 conventional and trunked transceiver radio
110, VHF, Mobile
Icom IC-V85 RadioIcom IC-V85
Icom IC-V85 VHF FM transceiver with compact body, 7 watts output power
VHF, Mobile
Kenwood NX-210 RadioKenwood NX-210
Kenwood NX 210 NEXEDGE VHF Digital
Kenwood TK-190 RadioKenwood TK-190
Kenwood TK-190 VHF low band portable, 4 Watts
VHF, Portable
Kenwood TK-2180/3180 RadioKenwood TK-2180/3180
Kenwood TK-2180/3180 VHF/UHF trunking & conventional portables
5, Portable
Kenwood TK-290/390 RadioKenwood TK-290/390
Kenwood TK-290/390 firefighter radio with 13 segment LCD and emergency call features
5, VHF, Portable
Kenwood TK-5210/5310 RadioKenwood TK-5210/5310
Kenwood TK-5210/5310 VHF/UHF digital P25/FM conventional portable
5, Portable
Kenwood TK-5400 RadioKenwood TK-5400
Kenwood TK-5400 - 800 MHz Digital P25/FM Portable Radio
Kenwood TK-5410 RadioKenwood TK-5410
Kenwood TK-5410 700/800 MHz P25 digital public safety radio
Kenwood TK-5710/5810 RadioKenwood TK-5710/5810
Kenwood TK-5710/5810 VHF FM conventional & P25 digital mobile
Kenwood TK-690/790/890 RadioKenwood TK-690/790/890
Kenwood TK-690/790/890 high power public safety mobiles
110, Portable
Kenwood TK-7150/8150 RadioKenwood TK-7150/8150
Kenwood TK-7150/8150 VHF/UHF Trunking & Conventional Mobiles
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