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Unifire launches SafeIncinerator website and video

Published on 17 June 2009

Unifire AB has launched a new SafeIncinerator website and YouTube video channel devoted to showcasing its automatic and remote-controlled fire protection for incinerators, incineration plant facilities, aircraft hangars and other large buildings
Unifire AB has launched a new website and YouTube channel showcasing its SafeIncinerator fire protection system

Launch of new website and video channel for Swedish manufacturer

Unifire AB of Sweden has announced the launching of its new website and YouTube channel devoted to automatic and remote-controlled fire protection for incinerators and incineration plant facilities, aircraft hangars, stadiums, warehouses, airport arrival halls, tunnels, and many more.

Unifire's SafeIncinerator™ system is comprised of Unifire's state-of-the-art Force™ series remote-controlled, stainless steel water/foam monitors (or "water cannons") and the Unifire Control System™. The combined product is a networked system of intelligent water/foam monitors, each capable of accurately delivering up to 5000 liters per minute (1340 gpm) of water/foam solution directly onto a fire (or fires), within seconds of detection. The system can automatically detect and extinguish fires by use of infrared cameras and other advanced fire and flame detection technologies.

Each Force monitor in the system can be easily controlled from either its own joystick or a central station (or central stations) placed up to 500 meters away. Each monitor in the system can be easily pre-programmed on site with its own unique spray pattern for automatic fire extinguishing. The Unifire Control System also automatically opens and closes valves to the respective monitors and can be programmed to control most electronic devices, such as lights, cameras, detectors, etc.


Unifire's SafeIncinerator system is comprised of several Force remote-controlled, stainless steel, water or foam monitors (as pictured) and the Unifire Control System
The SafeIncinerator system is comprised of Force water or foam monitors and the Unifire Control System

According to Roger Barrett James, Unifire's Director of International Sales & Marketing: "Unifire has made a number of recent technological advancements to its Force monitor control systems, which have made it possible for Unifire to offer off-the-shelf, networked, monitor systems. Networked monitor systems offer numerous advantages over individual, stand-alone monitors. And, with the Unifire Control System, we can now network monitors together with numerous other OEM technologies, all working together on a Unifire network, on multiple communication protocols."


"Unifire is applying this technology to many applications, including the protection of incineration plants, which is a rapidly-growing market for our products. We are working in many other markets with this technology as well, and we see this product line as a key advancement in the firefighting industry, with large opportunity for growth."

More information about the system is available by contacting Unifire AB.

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