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Tyco’s ANSUL R-102 rated top amongst commercial kitchen and restaurant fire protection solutions

Published on 2 June 2011
As compared to other brands, ANSUL R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System protects more food service kitchens
ANSUL R-102 features minimum and maximum piping restraints and minimum and maximum temperature limitations

Tyco Fire Protection Products is taking the lead in commercial kitchen and restaurant fire protection solutions with its ANSUL R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System, protecting more food service kitchens than any other brand.

Since introducing automatic fire suppression into restaurants in 1962, the ANSUL brand has developed to represent the pinnacle in engineering and materials technology. The R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System continues to be  the number one  fire protection solution across the world for hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, food courts, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other food service kitchens.

ANSUL R-102 is a pre-engineered, wet chemical, cartridge operated system tested for fire extinguishment in worst case scenarios, with minimum and maximum piping restraints and minimum and maximum temperature limitations. The system has been performance tested under these strict controls and is certified to meet UL300 and LPS1223 approvals.

The advantage of the ANSUL R-102 fire suppression system lies in its ability to quickly detect and extinguish a fire whether it starts from an appliance, a plenum or a duct. Using ANSULEX liquid fire suppressant, an advanced wet chemical agent, to extinguish grease and cooking oil fires, the ANSUL R-102 system rapidly knocks down flames and cools hot surfaces whilst generating a robust, vapour securing blanket that helps prevent reflash. The ANSULEX agent is also easy to clean-up and can usually be cleaned from appliances and kitchen areas within 2-4 hours, ensuring minimum business disruption and down-time.

Tyco Fire Protection Products currently offers its ANSUL R-102 system in two designs – appliance-specific, which targets individual appliances to reduce the fire hazard risk, and also an overlapping design, where the fire suppression nozzles provide a fire-free zone. Design and specification guidance is provided by Tyco Fire Protection Products’ network of fully trained distributors who will take into account the requirements for each individual system.

ANSUL R-102 complies with UL300 and ULC standards and carries MEA, ABS and CE approval, ensuring customers can be confident in a reliable, safe and robust fire suppression system.

Chris Prideaux, UK Business Development Manager for the ANSUL R-102 systems comments:

“Through our network of fully trained and audited distributors, ANSUL R-102 currently protects 95% of the industry’s top 100 restaurant chains across the world. A 2003 report by the National Fire Protection Association in the US found that over 40% of fires caused within eating and drinking establishments were from cooking equipment, so the need for active fire protection and suppression has never been greater. 1 in 5 businesses suffer a major disruption every year, with 80% either never re-opening or having to close within 18-months.

“Our system offers customers reassurance that their business is protected 24 hours a day from the serious damage caused by kitchen fires and ensures that in the event of a fire, they will be back up and running as soon as possible with the minimum amount of disruption.”

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