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System Sensor Europe’s ECO1000 fire detector range gets green light from MED

Published on 24 August 2011
Marine Equipment Directive has approved System Sensor Europe’s ECO1000 range of fire detectors
The ECO1000 series can now be employed in fire detectors installed in ships, cargo vessels and tankers 

System Sensor Europe has gained Marine Equipment Directive (MED) approval for its ECO1000 range of conventional fire detectors, enabling them to be used in fire detection systems installed in passenger ships, cargo vessels and tankers.

The MED directive guarantees the uniform application of standards in Chapter 11-2 of the international SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea Convention) and defines the design and test standards for the equipment and the procedures required for testing. Compliance is mandatory for vessels registered in the European Union, and MED approval is being specified with increasing frequency as a requirement for new builds and system upgrades in countries outside the EU. 

The cost effective ECO1000 range consists of optical, photo-thermal, fixed and rate-of-rise thermal detectors, and, of particular importance for shipboard use, dry and wet bases, which prevent condensation entering into the contact area, are available as standard. The optical and photo-thermal detectors have automatic drift compensation, a feature usually found only in intelligent sensors, which offsets changes in sensitivity that would otherwise arise from the build up of dust during use.  A highly integrated design, along with on-board digital signal processing and a new optical chamber result in an exceptionally stable and sensitive smoke detector.  Another innovative feature is laser-activated remote test capability.  The detector can be set into alarm from ground level using a coded laser pointer, saving considerable time during commissioning or maintenance as the device itself does not have to be directly accessed.

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