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New fire solution to be unveiled at FRI

Published on 25 August 2009

Incident Response Technologies, LLC will be exhibiting products including a new firefighter safety and accountability system, Rhodium FIRE Command, at Fire Rescue International (FRI) 2009 this August
Incident Response Technologies will unveil Rhodium FIRE Command at FRI
New software solution will be on show at FRI, booth #5615

Incident Response Technologies (IRT), a company that specializes in producing affordable software solutions for public safety agencies, will be unveiling a new solution designed to increase safety and accountability for firefighters at emergency scenes.

Rhodium™ FIRE Command contains several components key to the safety and efficiency of emergency response. Among them are the ability for firefighters to track available personnel and apparatus on emergency scenes, and see what task each is currently assigned to.

Firefighters can also record critical incident data regarding the location and nature of the incident as well as the time that important events (such as the time that patient extrication from a vehicle was completed) took place. Quick access to common incident command forms aid in coordinating large-scale incidents involving multiple jurisdictions and agencies.

Rhodium FIRE Command opens the door to volunteer, combination, and career departments to afford quality software solutions, even on a tight budget. The software is hosted by IRT and can be accessed securely through an internet connection. When internet connectivity is not available, the software runs locally on the user's computer. When internet access is restored, the software synchronizes with IRT's servers ensuring that data archives are always available via the web.

Because the software is maintained on IRT's servers, there is no requirement for agencies using the software to have an IT department, nor is any special hardware required. A computer with periodic access to an internet connection is all that is necessary. A low subscription fee covers hosting space and services on IRT's servers, software support and maintance, customer service, and future periodic updates to the software features.

Rhodium FIRE Command will be on display at booth 5615 in the technology pavilion at Fire Rescue International (FRI) 2009 in Dallas, Texas in August.

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