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New ADPRO security solutions from Xtralis

Published on 13 October 2010
Range of mlti site security solutions have been launched by Xtralis
Xtralis is the global provider of solutions for the early detection of fire, gas and security threats

The company has extended its market leading VESDA air sampling smoke detection system.The company offers safety and security products which are high in quality and performance.

Xtralis, a leading global provider of powerful solutions for early threat detection, has launched the next generation of ADPRO multi-site security solutions: ADPRO V3100 Hybrid Video and Audio Transmitter/Recorder and ADPRO VideoCentral Platinum. In addition, the company has extended its market-leading VESDA air-sampling smoke detection system to include reliable gas detection and environmental monitoring.

ADPRO V3100 Hybrid Video and Audio Transmitter/Recorder:

The ADPRO V3100 Hybrid is a single- or multi-site system that delivers live or recorded images so operators within a central monitoring station can quickly assess an unfolding security situation and take appropriate action, ensuring that guard services are deployed efficiently. Fully scalable to support up to 16 analog or IP cameras, the ADPRO V3100 Hybrid features H.264 compression to deliver high-quality video with the lowest bandwidth, server-grade hard disks to locally store up to 8TB with SMART diagnostics, and out-of-the-box analytics.

ADPRO VideoCentral Platinum:

ADPRO VideoCentral Platinum is multi-site security management software designed to monitor video and audio from remote sites using ADPRO video transmission systems. Central monitoring station operators can verify alarms from remote sites and stage an appropriate response, eliminating needless site visits or security patrols. They also can issue an audio warning to an intruder; control lights, gates or barriers alongside PTZ cameras; and display, store and retrieve images to suit specific security requirements. Combining the ADPRO V3100 Hybrid with ADPRO VideoCentral Platinum produces the most reliable remote-monitoring solution to enable central monitoring stations or mobile handset operators to detect, assess and respond to unfolding security threats.

VESDA ECO by Xtralis:

Xtralis' market-leading VESDA very early warning air-sampling smoke detection (ASD) technology has been expanded to include reliable gas detection and environmental monitoring. VESDA ECO uses a new or existing VESDA pipe network to actively sample the air for smoke as well as hazardous/combustible gases to ensure air quality, integrating easily with building management systems for real-time situational awareness and intelligent emergency response. 

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