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MasterGuard L.P. adds “The Fire Blanket” to its fire safety product line

Published on 22 July 2010
MasterGuard comes up with the safety solution for kitchen fires
MasterGuard includes fire blanket to
its list of fire safety products

MasterGuard launched its 'Fire Blanket' - an effective way to extinguish kitchen fires.

MasterGuard is pleased to announce the addition of “The Fire Blanket” to their extensive product line. The Fire Blanket, used in Europe for decades, enters the United States with safer, more convenient and effective way to extinguish kitchen fires. MasterGuard is excited to help this European standard arrive in US homes.

This easy to use fire suppression solution exists and, in fact, has been in use in Europe for years. While many homes may have a fire extinguisher, MasterGuard’s experience is that they are often hidden away, heavy, difficult to use, require training and maintenance. Many aren’t even charged when needed! The Fire Blanket is, by contrast, lightweight, easy to deploy and requires no training or maintenance. This is why MasterGuard is so excited to offer the MasterGuard Fire Blanket!

"There really is no training required," said Declan Bulger, president of Fire Blanket Corporation. "Simply pull down the tabs, remove the blanket and calmly place over the cooking fire. The Fire Blanket is easily mounted in the kitchen near the stove, quickly deployed, and with little effort placed over the fire to suppress it, leaving no additional mess to clean up."

Fire Blanket helps individuals to fight against kitchen fires without any safety training

"Many small fires can be easily contained with the proper suppression device – however all too many times people do not have the proper - if any - precautionary measures in place." said Gerald Lloyd, career fire fighter, retired Chief of 14 years, former President of the Vermont Career Chiefs and liaison for State Government Fire Safety and Regulation programs. "Fire’s Out! offers a safe and easy to use economical solution for everyone from children to the elderly. I believe it is essential for each home, educational facility, nursing home facility and recreational vehicle to be equipped with this type of suppression device. Protocol in my department was to have fire engines equipped with very similar blankets and I can't tell you how thrilled I am that they are now available for consumer use - it only makes sense to equip each home with at least one." Gerald Lloyd, Retired Fire Chief of 14 years, Vermont.

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