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Lancashire "false alarm" reduction plans panned by unions

False fire alarm reduction plans criticised
FIA and Chief Fire Officer's Association
working together on reducing
false alarm

False alarm reduction plans could put lives at risk.

Controversial plans by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services to cut automatic fire alarm call outs have raised concerns that they could end up putting lives at risk, it has been reported.

In a bid to free up engines to fight genuine fires and help save money, operators will ask people to confirm themselves that there is actually a blaze before fire crews are deployed, reports the Lancashire Telegraph.

However, unions have criticised the plans, which are under consultation, arguing that asking people to carry out a potentially life-threatening task such as this is pushing the envelope. According to the fire service's proposed new strategy for dealing with false fire alarms, unnecessary automatic alarms account for 6,000 call-outs a year, nearly one third of total incidents.

The Fire Industry Association is working with the Chief Fire Officers' Association at reducing false alarms with the publication of the Guide for Responsible Persons on False Alarm Management of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

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