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KME unveils new 2010 chassis at FDIC

Published on 23 April 2009


KME Fire Apparatus have announced their chassis are now ready for 2010 engine emission compliance, and will offer apparatus with both Advanced EGR and SCR engines
A 2010 chassis from KME on display at FDIC 


KME chassis now ready for 2010

KME Fire Apparatus announced at FDIC that its chassis are ready today for 2010 engine emission compliance and that it will offer apparatus utilizing both Advanced EGR and SCR engines.

In 2010, the EPA is requiring new vehicles to achieve a new diesel exhaust emissions regulations limit which is significantly more stringent than the guidelines that went into effect in 2007. These guidelines apply to all types of vehicles including Fire Apparatus.

Next year fire departments will have two choices when they purchase a vehicle: a vehicle that reduces emissions in-cylinder (Advanced EGR) or a vehicle that reduces emissions by adding an additional fluid (urea) through an after treatment system (SCR). KME is pleased to announce that it will offer both solutions to customers on a wide variety of platforms including KME's custom chassis and commercial chassis from several manufacturers.

On display at FDIC was a new 2010 Severe Service XMFD chassis utilizing a MaxxForce10 engine from Navistar Engine. The apparatus is fully compliant with 2010 emission standards and does not require additional exhaust treatment hardware or fluids.

Other features of the apparatus include:

  • 1500 GPM Single Stage Pump
  • 750 Gallon Water Tank and 25 Gallon Foam Cell
  • Maneuverable 176" Wheelbase
  • Lowered Crosslays (65" from Ground)
  • Ultra-low hosebed (44" from Ground Height)
  • Storage Module for Stokes, Little Giant Ladder, and Suction Hose
  • Storage for (7) Spare Cylinders in Fenders
  • Over 150 cubic feet of Compartmentation and over 160 cubic feet of Hosebed Space
  • KME TOP Occupant Rollover Protection System
  • Electric Ladder Rack

For departments that plan to purchase apparatus either in 2009 or 2010, it's important that they understand now the impact of these changes so that they can adequately budget and plan for their fire fleets. Contact KME or one of its KME Sales Representatives today for more information.

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