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IB Consultancy announces 2015 NCT CBRNe Awards nominees

Published on 7 October 2015
The NCT CBRNe Awards nominees have been judged by a distinguished jury
The Awards will be presented on the first day of NCT CBRNe Asia, at a party hosted by IB Consultancy in Bangkok

In 2015, IB Consultancy will celebrate the third edition of the NCT CBRNe Awards – the awards for both the CBRNe industry and I(N)GO community. As each year, a distinguished jury voted for the best and most end-user friendly CBRNe solution, the most innovative product developed during the last year, and the international stakeholder that contributed significantly to national, regional and/or international CBRNe capability building.

The NCT CBRNe Awards 2015 will be handed out during NCT CBRNe Asia in Bangkok (10-12 November) – the largest and leading CBRNe event in Asia. For this very special occasion, IB Consultancy will host the NCT CBRNe Awards Party under the sky of Bangkok, at the Cloud 47 sky bar.

Now it is the right time to celebrate this year’s nominees that have been judged by a distinguished jury comprising of: Guy Roberts (Former) Deputy Assistant Secretary General for WMD Police, NATO; Lt. Gen. Yugala, Royal Thai Army; Dr. Zalini Zunus, STRIDE/Malaysia; Brig. Gen. JB Burton, Former Commander of the U.S. Army 20th CBRN Command; Laurent Olmedo, CEA/France; Stephen Malone, HDIAC/USA; David Oliver, CBNW/UK; and Ilja Bonsen, IB Consultancy/the Netherlands. For three years now, this formidable mix of expertise insures the quality and excellence of the NCT CBRNe Awards.

Along with the three Awards handed out by the jury, the NCT CBRNe Community Awards are granted by the CBRNe community to a company, person or an organisation which has illustrated itself in bringing benefits to CBRNe end-users or had an impact on the CBRNe capabilities of a country, region, or group of countries in a cost-efficient manner. This constitutes a rare opportunity for members of the CBRNe community to assess peer recognition.

The nominees:

NCT CBRNe Product Award

The NCT CBRNe Product Award for the best CBRNe product, service or solution is the most prestigious NCT CBRNe Award, and is the overall award for excellence in the CBRNe community. The nominees for this year’s NCT CBRNe Product Award 2015 are: SAAB’s ‘ManPack300’ Training and Simulation system that provides the perfect solution for overcoming challenges in CBRNe response training; 908 Device’s ‘M908’ handheld detection device that was already a nominee last year in the innovation award category and the jury decided that it deserved to be nominated now as an established and end-user friendly state of the art product; and iRobot’s ‘510 PackBot CBRNe’ for providing first responders with real-time situational and incident data and its track record of more than 5,700 mobile robots that have been delivered to 38 nations and greater than 100 law enforcement agencies, emergency and hazardous material responders worldwide.

NCT CBRNe Innovation Award

The NCT CBRNe Innovation Award for the most novel product, service or research paper of the year is the prize rewarding outstanding achievement in the field of Research & Development. It is the award for excellence in innovation. This year’s nominees in the innovation award category are: BBI Detection’s ‘UK Ebola Lateral Flow Device’, described by the jury as an innovation that arrives just at the right time to tackle urgent challenges in effective Ebola Virus Disease control and rapid case detection; ‘Alldecont’ developed by the Central Institute of the Bundeswehr Medical Service that - on the basis of recent tests - is the only product on the market that rapidly removes after skin contact chemical and biological substances; and Passport System’s ‘SmartsShield’ radiation detection system that according to the jury shows great promise by approaching the detection problem at a system level and by delivering increased capabilities at the same or lower cost than traditional point detector approaches.

NCT CBRNe Capability Award

The NCT CBRNe Capability Award is the award for a country or organisation that has improved its CBRNe capability or has initiated or executed a capability development programme impacting upon another country or organisation. The 2015 NCT CBRNe Capability Award nominees are: the National Ebola Training and Education Center (NETEC) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) & U.S. Department of Health & Human Services that will provide $12 million over the next five years to three US medical centres which together will co-lead the National Ebola Training and Education Center; ECBC and JPEO-CBD’s ‘JUPITR ATD’ program that will provide unique biological detection capabilities addressing the demand for stronger biosurveillance capabilities in the Korean Peninsula; and the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) that has celebrated its 50 years jubilee this year as one of the region’s leading CBRNe civil response force.

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