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Holmatro launches free RFID system

Published on 15 June 2010
The new online equipment management system would help people for easy database access
Holmatro's RFID system helps with easy identification of one's rescue tools including exact location

For easy online equipment management:

At Interschutz 2010, Holmatro Rescue Equipment launched a free of charge, online equipment management system for easy identification of one's rescue tools including their exact location. Holmatro RFID takes a large administrative burden away from rescue organizations and allows them to focus on their most important task: saving lives. It incorporates Radio Frequency Identification technology using radio waves to transmit information. This proven technology does not interfere with existing communication systems. All Holmatro rescue tools, pumps, hoses and lifting bags are standard equipped with RFID tags.

How does it work?

Before leaving the factory all RFID tagged Holmatro rescue equipment is added to an online database containing useful information about each specific product. Holmatro customers are able to access this information through the Holmatro RFID web portal, either by reading a tool's tag with an RFID reader or by entering the article and serial numbers from the product label.

More functions

The system also enables customers to add exact product locations (up to 5 levels), any complementary information they like and other equipment besides their Holmatro rescue tools. In addition, they can search their inventory for specific equipment selections and send product based automated sales and service requests to their Holmatro dealer.

The RFID web portal helps in locating important service information

Aid for service

In addition, customers can use Holmatro's RFID web portal to find important service information about each specific rescue tool, as provided by their dealer. This information may include last or next inspection dates and service reports.

Safe to use

Holmatro RFID is a password protected system requiring personal login details. Furthermore, the system works with unique RFID product tags and unique Holmatro rescue equipment serial numbers as found on the product labels. This means one can only get access to one's personal equipment inventory.

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