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Holmatro introduces SPU 16 BC Greenline pump for emergency workers

Published on 22 October 2012
Holmatro’s Greenline pump has rechargeable LiFePO4 battery technology that offers 90 minutes of operation time during a common extrication
Holmatro’s new battery-driven pump is suitable for use in confined spaces, such as tunnels

The Holmatro SPU 16 BC Greenline is the first pump that emergency workers can use anywhere, for any rescue operation.

Because it is battery-driven and emission-free it can be used in confined spaces such as tunnels and collapsed buildings without risk to rescue workers or victims. It also has a long running time offering 90 minutes of operation during common vehicle extrications. The pump’s low sound level and ECO whisper mode make it less stressful for victims and improve communication at a rescue scene.

Long operation time, anywhere

The Greenline pump keeps running much longer than commonly used battery-driven equipment on the market. Next-generation, rechargeable LiFePO4 battery technology offers 90 minutes of operation time during a common extrication, even with heavy-duty rescue tools. This technology also ensures an excellent performance when the pump is used at high altitudes and below zero temperatures, up to -20° C. In addition, the smooth, ergonomic housing protects all parts in wet weather conditions. So whether your rescue scene is a tunnel, a collapsed building, outside in the freezing cold or on top of a mountain, the Holmatro Greenline pump works perfectly.


The Greenline pump incorporates 3-stage pump technology. This innovative system delivers higher flow in the second stage enabling rescuers to cut through the B-pillar of an older model car in half the time it takes a 2-stage pump. The third stage delivers lower flow yet higher pressure allowing you to cut through hard, reinforced pillars in a controlled way. The result is faster tool operation and more control when you need it.

Equal performance, more silent

Equipped with single hose CORE™ technology, the new pump works with all current hydraulic rescue equipment from Holmatro, delivering the same tool performance as other rescue pumps. When you use a hydraulic rescue tool with the SPU 16 BC Greenline, the pump speed automatically increases to maximum to ensure full equipment performance. When the operation is finished, the engine reverts to ECO whisper mode which keeps the pump running at idle speed and a low noise level. This not only reduces power consumption, a quieter pump is also less stressful for victims and improves communication at the rescue scene. Furthermore, because the pump does not have to be switched off in between operations, it is readily available for use again.


The Holmatro Greenline battery pump is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry and store. With the optional Quick Fix and Release Bracket you no longer have to devise your own solution for securing this pump in your rescue vehicle. Thanks to its universal mounting, this bracket fits in any truck. Using the bracket saves precious time during a rescue operation, protects the pump from damage, saves valuable vehicle space and is less physically demanding for rescuers when pulling out and putting back the pump.


Next to its ECO whisper mode and zero emissions, the new pump incorporates the most environmentally-friendly battery available. This makes the Holmatro Greenline pump truly green.

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