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Fulda takes delivery of the first IVECO MAGIRUS AluFire 3 pumper vehicle

Published on 15 November 2008
Fulda takes delivery of the first IVECO MAGIRUS AluFire 3 pumper vehicle

As the first fire brigade worldwide, the fire department in Fulda (Germany) has put into service an IVECO MAGIRUS pumper vehicle of the new superstructure generation AluFire 3.

This vehicle is "state of the art" not only in terms of technology, but also features a convincing functional design and a pragmatic diversity in body superstructure and interior fittings. The single-tired IVECO four-wheel drive chassis with its powerful 220 kW/ 299 PS Diesel engine according to the EURO 4 standard provides for maximum availability in all operations of a major fire brigade base.

In autumn 2007 IVECO MAGIRUS introduced the innovative superstructure concept AluFire 3 almost simultaneously into the German and French markets. The Austrian variant was presented to experts in spring 2008. AluFire 3 is the third generation of the MAGIRUS aluminum superstructure technology which was first produced in series in the year 1988 and has been used worldwide for fire fighting applications over a period of 20 years many thousands of times in the widest possible range of different vehicle configurations.

AluFire 3 represents a fully new integral approach. In addition to the modular body superstructure system, Alufire 3 uses above all also a completely new CAN-BUS electronic system, which - in addition to maximum operator safety - provides for a large number of individual control and function options - always in compliance with standards but also open for country-specific distinctive features.

The vehicle delivered to the Fulda fire department is a technical emergency fire pumper vehicle HLF 20/16 on an IVECO chassis 140 E 30 W with permanent four-wheel drive and a Gross Vehicle Weight of 14,500 kg. The MAGIRUS crew cab contains 4 breathing apparatus units, 2 of which in driving direction in the rear wall of the cab. This MAGIRUS-specific solution ensures that there occurs neither a loss of space in the crew cab nor torsional problems between cab and superstructure.

The AluFire 3 superstructure comprises 2 integrated tanks with 2,000 l water and 150 l foam concentrate. For foam generation, a pressure proportioning system MAGIRUS FireDos FD 1000 is fitted. As fire fighting centrifugal pump, a Magirus FPN 10-2000 in normal pressure technology is used which, in addition to the quick attack hose reel installation, is also able to feed 4 B-pressure outlets.

The pump is operated via the control unit Magirus HMI (Human Machine Interface). In this way, the "Human Machine" interface features a simple, comfortable and safe design. The main functions can be activated by logical, easy to understand pushbutton operation. The operator is reliably supported by clear text display information.

A pneumatic lighting mast fitted at the rear of the superstructure, equipped with halogen headlights, and the worksite lighting situated as a light band on the external side of the superstructure provide for safe working and excellent vision during night operations.

The vehicle is equipped with a comprehensive range of equipment for fire fighting, rescuing people and technical emergency assistance. For ergonomic removal appropriate mountings and removal aids such as telescopic slides, rotating walls etc are available. The scope and arrangement of the technical fire-fighting loading were realized by close consultation with the Fulda fire brigade.

The rear of the body is equipped with new type integrated corner panels within which e.g. the lighting devices according to StVZO (German road traffic type approval regulations) as well as rear warning lights with the most modern power LED technology are integrated.

With this new vehicle, the fire brigade base of Fulda increases not only its own effectiveness but offers its active personnel latest generation equipment for successfully dealing with the most different operative tasks of a major fire brigade.

With the delivery of this vehicle, AluFire 3 series production started successfully in the IVECO MAGIRUS plants, with a large number of vehicles due to be delivered to customers by the end of this year.

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