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FSAI invites Stuart Ball to address at Seminar on Fire and Electrical Safety, Security and Automation

Published on 25 June 2012
Seminar on Fire and Electrical Safety, Security and Automation was held by FSAI in conjunction with the Architect’s Association of India and Builders Association of India
Stuart Ball addressed more than 60 key end users, specifiers, consultants and fire system integrators

The Fire and Safety Association of India (FSAI), in conjunction with the Architects’ Association of India and the Builders’ Association of India, invited Stuart Ball, Head of Marketing for System Sensor Europe, part of Honeywell Life Safety, to be the international keynote speaker at their Seminar on Fire and Electrical Safety, Security and Automation. Held at Visakhapatnam in southeast India on 20th May, Stuart’s presentation focused on emerging technologies in fire detection.

Fire detector manufacturers have developed increasingly complex and sophisticated detectors that react as quickly as possible to the very early stages of a fire without causing disruption through false alarms. Recent developments in multi-sensor point detectors, managed by powerful embedded software, have achieved levels of performance that are a several orders of magnitude improvement over previous generations of devices. For buildings such as data centres where high value, enterprise critical equipment has to operate with a target down time of 30 seconds per year - known as six nines - the newest aspiration detectors can provide up to two hours warning of a potential problem.

The FSAI Chairman, K.P. Dominic,  said, “With India’s rapid development of high quality infrastructure to support our country’s increasing presence in high technology industries, it is critical that these assets are properly protected against the danger of fire. As the 300+ delegates have heard from Mr Ball, the global leaders in the fire industry have risen to the challenge with innovative solutions that will provide the protection our people and property need.”

Whilst in India Stuart addressed more than 600 key end users, specifiers, consultants and fire system integrators, at further seminars, organised by System Sensor in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The theme of the seminars, was with a focus on data centres, airports, warehouses and cold storage facilities, was how advanced aspiration systems such as FAAST will secure mission critical functions.

The European launch of System Sensor’s FAAST Fire Alarm Aspirating Sensing Technology is scheduled for 26-27 June in London at Comms Expo, a leading event in the mission critical data centre calendar. FAAST is an EN54-20 Class A approved very early warning aspiration system that will alarm more than an hour before combustion. Other products in the range include FAAST LT which has been developed for EN54-20 Class C applications such as commercial and industrial buildings where other smoke detection methods are inappropriate or prone to false alarms.

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