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Fire Protection Association Australia signs up for ozone project

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) has signed a contract continuing its work implementing the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 as it relates to the fire protection industry
FPA Australia will continue to implement the Ozone Protection act
Contract will uphold FPAA's leadership position on environment

FPA Australia has recently signed a four year contract to continue operating as the implementing agency for those parts of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 that relate to the fire protection industry.

Scott Williams, CEO of FPA Australia says, "The fire protection industry will continue to take a leadership position in achieving substantial reductions in the emissions of ozone depleting and synthetic greenhouse gases while actively promoting compliance with all provisions of the legislation."

"We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with the Department of Water Heritage and the Arts while actively promoting industry's products, services and knowledge."

The cooperation between FPA Australia and the Australian Government serves as a valuable model for cooperative partnerships between FPA Australia member companies and the Australian Government. This engagement serves also to highlight the extremely positive light in which FPA Australia is held by regulators around the country, across both state and federal governments.

As part of the contract, the Fire Protection Industry board will undertake a roll out of qualified licensing. The learning and assessment resources developed in conjunction with the project will match the existing six extinguishing agent handling licences.

Carlos Santin, Executive Officer - Ozone Protection says, "The learning and assessment resources will provide an opportunity for technicians to enhance their skills, while also obtaining a qualified persons licence. Through licensing, we are not only improving the level of expertise within the fire protection industry, we are also ensuring our commitment to reducing the hole in the ozone layer is fulfilled."

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