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Eurotech systems' 254 addresses per loop to cut detection costs

Eurotech Fire Systems Limited says 254 addresses per loop will reduce detection costs during fire emergencies.
Eurotech Fire Systems Ltd. believes detection costs will be driven lower due to new micro-technology

The costs of installing fire detection in large buildings are set to drop as 254 addresses on a single loop set new standards, according to Eurotech.

Hampshire-based Eurotech Fire Systems Ltd. believes detection costs will be driven lower as the fire industry exploits micro-technology, having launched its MX-4000N range of industry-leading panels and cause and effect technology, allowing 254 address points on a single detection loop.

With public buildings such as hotels, schools and leisure facilities becoming ever larger and more complex, combined with the demands of insurance and health and safety legislation, greater pressure is being placed on detection systems to provide comprehensive detection coverage. This requires increasing numbers of detection points (addresses) connected to system.

Eurotech systems are capable of providing 254 addresses on one loop, with panels that control as many as 8 loops; a total capacity of more than 2,000 addresses on a single panel.

For large new-build and renovation projects, the latest technology not only reduces the number of panels required on site, but also minimises installation time and costs as well as increasing long-term reliability and future-proofing for building expansion.

“The fire detection industry seems to believe 126 addresses is still the magic number,” says Alan Capaldi-Tallon,Eurotech’s Design Manager. “But our view is: why restrict installers and end-users when reliable, proven technology is now available to allow significantly higher numbers of addresses on a single loop? As well as reducing costs for everyone, it also requires fewer panels which makes the systems easier to use.”

As with all of its products, the MX-4000N range is supplied under Eurotech MESH – The Combined Protocol. This provides independent installers with fully-approved, single brand detection technology without being tied to the manufacturer for all system components or long-term maintenance contracts.

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