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DuPont completes global expansion of Nomex® capacity

Published on 23 April 2009

DuPont has completed a planned expansion for Nomex with the creation of a new production facility in Asturias, Spain
DuPont has created a new production facility for Nomex® in Asturias, Spain
Additional flame-resistant fibre capacity supports critical markets for energy, aircraft, and personal protection

DuPont has completed a planned expansion for Nomex® with the successful start up of a new production unit at its facility in Asturias, Spain. This expansion is the final step in a three-phase plan to increase worldwide capacity for Nomex®, including production in Virgina, USA and at a DuPont joint venture in Japan.

The new capacity is part of a recent global investment totalling more than $100 million to increase capacity for Nomex® ingredients and fibre to support global demand across multiple market segments, including aircraft, military, fire fighters and critical first responders.

DuPont NOMEX®, used in protective apparel, helps prevent burn injury across a diverse range of applications in the industrial, emergency response and military sectors. Through continual scientific research and development, evaluation of long-term market trends and partnerships with other solution providers, DuPont Personal Protection strives to support the needs of the protective apparel industry.

Since the expansion, the plant has achieved its expected capacity increase in January 2009 and the delay of supplies to the spinners has improved. Likewise it is expected that the delays in delivery to the value chain will be absorbed in the coming weeks.

With the new capacity operational, the DuPont Personal Protection team is now able to focus on improving the supply chain process. And thanks to the Nomex® Quality Partner (NQP) Programme collaboration which ensures that DuPont and its partners (spinners, weavers and garment manufacturers) offer garments that match the end-users requirements for inherent thermal protective apparel (protection, comfort, durability and cost effectiveness) the supply lead times are back to normal.

"DuPont has the capability to satisfy your needs in 2009 and beyond, and in order to sustain the activity in these challenging economical times, we will not increase the prices of Nomex® materials in 2009", says Alfons Held Sales Manager Europe, DuPont Personal Protection (DPP). "The DPP sales team will increase the focus on new application developments for flame retardant protective apparel".

DuPont Nomex® is an inherently flame-resistant, high-temperature fibre that will not melt, drip or support combustion in air. It provides outstanding resistance to a broad range of chemicals, delivering protection against a variety of threats. More than three million fire fighters around the world are protected by garments and accessories made with Nomex®.

Nomex® is also used in apparel worn by military pilots and vehicle crews; auto racing drivers, their pit crews and race track officials; and industrial workers at risk from flash fires and electric arc hazards. Members of the military wear apparel made with Nomex® to protect them from burns caused by roadside bombs, one of the greatest threats to combat troops in recent years.

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