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Crimson Fire introduces Legend™ Series at FDIC

Published on 23 April 2009

A model from Crimson Fire's new Legend series, launched today at FDIC in Indianapolis
Crimson Fire's new Legend series, launched today at FDIC
Modular design, affordability and quality are hallmarks of new pumpers and tankers

Crimson Fire is introducing the Legend Series, a new line of fire trucks, at FDIC, the fire-rescue industry's biggest trade show, which begins today.

Crimson Fire, which is a subsidiary of Spartan Motors, Inc., will display the first pumper in the new Legend Series, which is designed to provide quality-built vehicles at an affordable price point. The product line features a new body style and a modular design, allowing fire departments to choose from nine configurations to create a custom solution that meets their needs.

The new Legend pumper will be on display at Booth 2433 during the Fire Department Instructors Conference, which runs through April 25 in Indianapolis, Ind.

"We designed the Legend Series with three things in mind: practicality, functionality and affordability," said Kevin Crump, president of Crimson Fire. "These new vehicles will meet the needs of fire departments who do not want to sacrifice quality because of budget constraints."

"The unique modular design gives departments a variety of options and configurations not commonly found in commercial vehicles. The modular nature of the vehicle also allows Crimson to streamline production and reduce quote-to-delivery time. The end result is a vehicle that offers the quality, strength and durability Crimson is known for at a very attractive price point."

Modules can be arranged to create a variety of custom solutions. The design ensures that each module is robust, easy to manufacture and simple to assemble. The strength of each module comes from the cross-sectional rigidity that a formed, welded structure provides when designed for optimal load-carrying capacity.

The Legend Series, which was designed in nine months and is built using a lean production system, will weigh 15 percent less than typical designs. The lower weight, in combination with the modular system, will reduce production time by 30-50 percent. A simpler specification system will translate into a 20-30 percent reduction in lead times for customers.

The new Legend Series features:

  • 1,250 gpm pump rating for Class A operations or an optional 1,500 gpm pump
  • Water tanks with 500-1,600 gallon capacity
  • Stainless steel sub-frame with stainless-steel huck-bolt fasteners
  • Vibra-Torque mounting system to minimize vibration in the body
  • Choice of chassis, including Spartan Chassis Furion or Metro Star
  • Foam capabilities

"As a customer-centric company, we are focused on producing unique vehicles highly tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers," Crump said. "Our focus on lean production principles allows us to work efficiently and effectively, reducing costs and shortening delivery times to give departments what they want: customizable vehicles at near-commercial prices."

Key benefits of the new Legend Series include:

  • Increased storage capacity: The vehicles feature 33-inch high of full-depth usable compartment space on split-depth body configurations, customizable storage area above the wheel well and an extra-large rear compartment.
  • Maneuverability: A shorter wheelbase due to a shorter pump-house enclosure improves the turning radius and maneuverability. Additionally, shorter body configurations with smaller water tanks are also available.
  • Flexible use: Currently, pumper and tanker configurations are available.

"The Legend Series features a clean appearance and exceptional fit and finish," Crump explained. "We call it a ‘firefighter-friendly' truck that will handle the tasks that are faced by today's fire service.

"We are pleased to offer the Legend Series as the newest addition to our line of custom fire apparatus The Legend joins our line of custom fire apparatus, which are among the strongest and most durable fire trucks on the market today. All of our designs promote safety, improve functionality and increase storage capabilities."

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