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Car crash simulation demonstrates dangers of drink driving

Published on 28 June 2011
North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service logo, the service teamed up with '95 Alive' York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Parnership to simulate a collision
The event spotlighted the work carried out by the emergency services directly after a drink-driving accident

The dangers of drinking and driving on the roads of North Yorkshire were highlighted at a special event held in the region on 24th June 2011.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service joined forces with the "95 Alive" York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership to demonstrate the effects of a head on collision by suspending a vehicle from a crane and dropping it over 30 feet onto concrete below.

The Fire Service’s award winning Road Rescue Team were then sent in to extract a "casualty" from the vehicle, with North Yorkshire Police’s Collision Investigation Team providing information on the wider implications of the accident.

The event formed part of the 95 Alive Partnership’s summer drink drive campaign which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving amongst North Yorkshire’s road users.

Alcohol impairment is a major cause of accidents on North Yorkshire’s roads. In 2010 there were almost 100 accidents recorded that involved alcohol as a cause, resulting in over 130 casualties – 39 of which were serious.

Speaking on behalf of the 95 Alive York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership, John Fort, Chair of North Yorkshire County Council said “Drink driving has the potential to ruin the lives of not only those who get behind the wheel whilst impaired by alcohol, but also the lives of their friends, families and their innocent victims.

“We hope that the demonstration will make people think about what the consequences of getting behind the wheel when under the influence of alcohol and send a clear message that drink driving on the roads of North Yorkshire is unacceptable.”

Nigel Hutchinson, North Yorkshire’s Chief Fire Officer, said: “The event highlighted the physical impact that a collision caused by drink driving can have and the work that is carried out by the emergency services in the immediate aftermath of such an accident.

“We need to ensure that the message is coming across to anyone who might be considering drinking and driving that there can be grave consequences as a result.”

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