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North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service to supervise road safety awareness accident simulation event

Published on 15 June 2011
North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service will demonstrate the importance of road safety by simulating an accident at the Road Safety Awareness Event
North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service  aims to improve safety and reducing casualties on the roads

The aim of the event is to provide an eye catching collision that we can use to film and promote road safety messages. 

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Extrication Team will be on site at British Energy, Eggborough power station, Goole, East Yorkshire DN14 0BS from 10 am on 24th June with filming to commence at about 11 am – weather permitting.

A “one take duration”  should take no more than 30 minutes, however for still photography purposes we may interrupt the filming to gain the maximum benefit. 

A car will be lifted to about 10m and dropped to simulate an accident at just over 20mph and provide a visual backdrop for a promotion video. The car will contain a shop manikin which the team will rescue from the collision. The car will hopefully drop on its roof; the car is a soft top. The extrication team will run a standard 30 minute scenario using 6 people as per current World Rescue Organisation challenge rules.

North Yorkshire Police Collision Investigation team will be in attendance to provide some technical data on the impact.

It is hoped that the event will catch the eye of our target audience to promote road safety and reduce car crashes in NY. The Extrication Team is made up of personnel from across the county and are highly-trained specialists in rescuing trapped motorists from their vehicles, the team competes against other teams from across the UK and overseas to learn, improve and demonstrate its expertise. In 2010, the team was judged to be the best road rescue team in the UK and in 2011 will head to New Zealand to compete in the World Rescue Challenge.

The team also provides enhanced training to support the wider aim of the service to improve safety and reduce casualties on our roads.

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