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BAFSA sponsors research on the spread of fires in and between cars

BAFSA Sponsors BRE Tests of Sprinklers in Car Stackers
The BRE Global research investigates the spread of fires in car parks with sprinkler systems

BRE Global has recently completed a research project for The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA).

The project investigates the growth and spread of a fire in and between cars in a car park stacking system installed with a sprinkler system. This follows the 'Fire Spread in Car Parks' testing BRE Global completed for Communities and Local Government (CLG) Sustainable Buildings Division research programme last year.

David Crowder, BRE Global commented: "The results produced from the BAFSA test provides a valuable addition to the CLG data and shows how industry and government can successfully work together to expand the understanding and information derived from the CLG programme of research."

Ian Gough, BAFSA commented: "Fire sprinklers have been successfully protecting lives and property, including car parks, for many years; however, hazards and risks can quickly change. It is important that the fire sprinkler industry recognises such changes and is confident that the sprinklers systems installed always provide effective and efficient protection. This work carried out by BRE Global provides valuable information for sprinkler contractors, specifiers and others with an interest in these new and innovative parking systems."

Details of the testing can be found in the newly published report which highlights the potential benefits of installing a sprinkler system into a car park stacker, providing the system is designed for the specific risk and with the installation based on appropriate standards and guidance.

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