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Apollo Fire Detectors educates on "lifecycle cost" of fire detection systems

Published on 21 June 2011
Apollo Fire Detectors logo, the company promotes customer education about the product life of fire detectors
 Apollo first considers how long a fire detector can function in order to determine its lifecycle cost

Apollo Fire Detectors claims that the ability to assess the true lifecycle cost of a fire detection system is being compromised through lack of clear information about product life.

Richard Bramham, Marketing Director for Apollo, explains: “Understanding how long a fire detector can reasonably be expected to function is absolutely critical to assessing the lifecycle cost of a fire system. Currently, there is only very limited information available to specifiers and end users on this aspect, which makes true cost comparison at the procurement stage and the predicted maintenance costs extremely difficult to calculate. While there is no legal obligation to supply product lifetime information, any responsible manufacturer should have no problem divulging these details.”

BS5839, the industry code of practice, puts the onus on the manufacturer to define the working life of the product, along with requirements for servicing and maintenance. However, the amount of detail available can vary enormously from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Apollo Fire Detectors has demonstrated its commitment in this area by introducing a Product Lifetime Guarantee. This warranty covers Apollo products for their anticipated 10 year lifetime (5 years for CO detectors), which is the length of time the company says their products will function reliably if appropriately installed and maintained. Their Product Lifetime Guarantee is based on 30 years of experience in the industry and clearly 4 shows that Apollo is confident about the quality of its manufacture – which continues to be based in the UK.

Richard Bramham says: “We are very proud of our British engineering heritage and of course the Product Lifetime Guarantee is a clear signal to our customers that we will back our own products all the way. But this is really a much wider industry issue – this is about transparency and responsible business practice.

“It’s important for installers, many of whom are small businesses, to know that they have the manufacturer’s full support in the event that any device malfunctions due to a manufacturing fault. Taking a broader view, in a world where resources are becoming scarcer and costs are rising, people have a right to understand exactly how much their fire system will cost – not just at the outset, but for the life of the building.”

Apollo also sees the issue of lifecycle costs as an area where knowledge within the fire industry is lacking. The company has recently completed a series of roadshows on this topic in conjunction with ADI Global Distribution and also presented a seminar at International Firex in May on “Life Cycle Costs in Fire Detection Systems". In addition, Apollo now offers a CPD-approved training course on this topic.

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