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KAC incorporates smoke vent control call points into smoke control management systems

Published on 20 June 2011
KAC's newest version of smoke vent control call point, the version will be installed in industrial buildings and public spaces
KAC provides smoke control management systems UK wide

KAC has introduced an orange-bodied version of the MCP indoor call point conforming to EN12101-9 for use as a manual activation device in smoke control management systems.

Smoke vents are installed in diverse applications ranging from traditional industrial buildings, large enclosed public spaces and multiple occupancy accommodation through to data centres containing high value, enterprise-critical equipment.

Typically, smoke vent activation is either electronically from the fire system control panel or manually from strategically located call points. For manual activation, the orange body and clear marking, specified in EN 12101-9, enables the function of the call point to be immediately identified, even by untrained personnel.



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