Guide Infrared GUIDIR IR1191 firefighting helmet mounted thermal imager

Product Profile

Light weight and easy operation, the IR1191 firefighting helmet mounted thermal imager is the third eye for the firefighters. It sets the hands free, and offers clear and crisp thermal image for the fighter through clouds of smoke, which can greatly increase the rescuing efficiency and ensure their safety. The wireless video transmission equipment also allows seeing inside the fire incident for an immediate and most authorised decision.

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Technical Specification

Make Guide Infrared
Manufacturer Guide Infrared
Model code GUIDIR IR1191
Display Standard Resolution
Additional info


  • Resolution: 160 x120
  • Spectral Range: 8 ~ 14μm
  • Pitch: 25μm x 25μm
  • Frequency: 25Hz
  • FOV: 43 × 33
  • Video Output: PAL
  • Polarity: Pseduo color
  • Red Hot: 220?
  • Power supply system: Batteries Li-ion batteries, rechargeable
  • Operating time: 2.5hrs
  • External power supply AC adapter: 110 ~ 240VAC
  • Consumption: 2.4W
  • Temperature range: -20° C+260° C
  • Size: 82mm ×81mm ×89mm
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