FireVu 500 95 Metre N Heptane fire Detection Test Video

FireVu 500 95 Metre N Heptane fire Detection Test Video

This test was performed using the mid-range 35 meter detection FireVu 500 viewing a TF5 N Heptane test fire.

Challenging fire detection range

The test was conducted at the BRE Watford independant test facility looking down a 100metre concrete slab allowing numerous tests to be conducted at various distances from the detector. For this test it was decided to position the fire as far as possible down the concrete slab and observe what response could be achieved - if any, given that testers were able to be a full 95 metres away - nearly 3 times further than the recommended detection range for this field of view.

Reducing false alarms

As can be seen in the video not only did the FireVu 500 detector respond to the presence of the flame from 5 seconds, (visible by the presence of the Cyan boxes), but a FULL alarm response was achieved after approximately 60 seconds, a result which all present found impressive. A full day of tests was conducted and during that period no false alarms were received as a result of sun-light, people movement or any other activity.

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