Zeta FEAHHE 2000 analogue addressable fixed heat detector

Zeta FEAHHE 2000 Detector
Model Code FEAHHE 2000
Model Info

Analogue addressable fixed heat detector. Responds with a value of 95 if the detector is triggered through a fixed heat alarm of 90°C. Works with the Zeta addressable protocol. Compatible with all current Zeta analogue addressable control panels.

Detector class: fixed heat only. Operating Voltage 17 to 28 V DC (Plus Protocol). Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C. Coverage 50 metre square. Start-up time 30 seconds. Size with base: 101 x 64 mm. Weight with base: 158 g. Comes with a locking grub screw to prevent unauthorised head removal. Complies fully to EN54 parts 5 & 7.

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