Zeta ZS-CO/300 GAS Sense carbon monoxide detector

Product Profile

Used either in a stand-alone mode or connected to Zeta Alarm Systems MGC 126 Multiple Gas Controller addressable panel. Carbon monoxide (CO) is detected by the electrochemical sensor fitted in the lower housing of the device. The GAS Sense series of detectors are colour coded for ease of identification - a yellow border for the LCD display indicating CO.

The detector provides three alarm levels (indicated by relay outputs) and a 12 V alarm output. The three alarm levels can be programmed by the user (the default alarm thresholds are indicated below).The 12 V alarm output can be configured to operate for any of the three alarm thresholds. Alarm LEDs 1 to 3 operate in conjunction with relays 1 to 3, respectively. A fault relay is provided to indicate a detector malfunction. 


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Technical Specification

Make Zeta
Manufacturer GLT Exports Ltd
Model code ZS-CO/300
Type Gas
Additional info

Sensor type: Electrochemical
Sensor life: 3 years
Alarm level 1: 30 ppm
Alarm level 2: 200 ppm
Alarm level 3: 250 ppm
Outputs: 3 alarm level relays, 24 V
Range: 0-300 ppm
Operating temperature: 0-50°C
Size: 130 x 170 x 70

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