Vetter Decon Tent PZ 40 3 L

Vetter Decon Tent PZ 40 3 L Decontamination System
Model Code Decon Tent PZ 40 3 L
Privacy Enclosure?Yes
Chemical Resistant?No
Multi-Head Output?No
Carrying Case?No
Model Info

The tent is divided into three lines using two longitudinal separation walls. The center line, having a width of 1.85 m enables optimum decontamination of casualties who are in the lying (horizontal) position.

The two outer lines, each with a width of 1.62 m, offer sufficient space for showers, one for women and the other for men. Owing to the integrated showers, the tent is divided into sections for undressing, showering and dressing. Each shower has a separate water supply.


  • Erected in a short span
  • Tear-proof support frame
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Only one inflation connection for the complete system
  • Multifunctional filling port allows the use of blower or compressed air bottles
  • Enables simultaneous decontamination of numerous persons lying horizontally
  • A safety valve (0.5 bar) integrated into the support frame protects against over-inflation
  • Collection basin for the shower is made of a polyester fibre coated with PVC on both sides
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