SVI Trucks Fire Department Bomb / EOD Truck

SVI Trucks Fire Department Bomb / EOD Truck Vehicle
BrandSVI Trucks
Model Code Fire Department Bomb / EOD Truck
Hydraulic Crane?No
Model Info

Fire department bomb / EOD truck. Body: 18' long, 3/16" formed walk around/in. Rear mounted mast with Intec thermal, IR, and standard camera, Command Light Knight KL 475 light tower.

Interior work area: 17" LCD monitor, climate barrier curtain, rear robot storage area with roof mounted hanging cargo hooks and side wall mounted cargo tie-downs. Cab command center: Full width "L" desk, O/H cabinet with radio consoles, window covers, file cabinet, Bosch DiBos DVR unit.

OAL: 31'-7", OAW: 8'-4", OAH: 11'-8". Delivered weights: Front: 14,120 lbs. Rear: 12,400 lbs. Total: 26,520 lbs.

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