Protective Industrial Products 911-AX9P-S extrication glove with PTFE breathable vapor barrier

Protective Industrial Products 911-AX9P-S Glove
BrandProtective Industrial Products
Model Code 911-AX9P-S
MaterialKevlar Blend
Model Info

Protective Industrial Products 911-AX9P-S is an extrication glove with PTFE breathable vapor barrier that features:

  • PTFE Breathable vapor barrier provides resistance to blood-borne pathogens, water, and viruses
  • Polyurethane and synthetic finger tips won't melt and will withstand contact with hot materials up to 212° Fahrenheit
  • Stitched with Kevlar® adding strength and burn resistance
  • Index finger and thumb joint reinforced to minimize wear
  • Puncture-resistant palm pads
  • Abrasion-resistant fingers and knuckles
  • Padded area on back of hand for added protection
  • Do not get slippery when wet or harden after drying
  • Anatomically designed palms for unparalleled freedom of movement
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