Oshkosh New Striker 1500 with aero fiber glass body

Oshkosh New Striker 1500 Vehicle
Model Code New Striker 1500
Hydraulic Crane?No
Model Info


  • Wrapped in a sleek and aero fiberglass body, the new Striker is offered with a wide range of industry leading innovations
  • Have best- in-class “dry” chemical fire suppression handline capability
  • Crosslays: With the optional twin crosslays on the new Striker, you can have up to 600 feet (183 m) of 1¾” (45mm) hose at your disposal
  • Designed to be ready for the latest technologies still under development, including ultra high-pressure water, compressed air foam systems (CAFS), and clean agent delivery systems
  • Improved brake torque
  • Nitrogen bottle storage
  • With 84 square feet of glass and a 238-degree horizontal viewing radius at eye level, the new Striker offers unparalleled visibility

Technical Specifications:

  • Top Speed: at least 70 mph (112 km/hr)
  • Side Slope Stability (Static): ≥ 30°
  • Gradeability: Ascend/descend a 50% grade
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