OLA Schutzhandschuh MODEL 63 FW five finger safety glove

OLA Schutzhandschuh MODEL 63 FW Glove
BrandOLA Schutzhandschuh
Model Code MODEL 63 FW
ResistanceContact Heat
Model Info


  • Five-finger safety glove for fire departments made of special leather
  • Used by the fire departments for works with high mechanical use and simultaneous affect of heat and wetness. It is distinguished with good dexterity compared with its robustness (EN 388)
  • Outstandingly well fastness to abrasion and cutting (> 8000 cycles). Water seeping through the leather at first after 90 min
  • Minimum water assimilation 7 % within 60 min
  • No hardening of the leather when getting in contact to water
  • Very high heat resistance, for instance contact time with 250 °C = 11,5 sec, with radiation heat > 180 sec burning behaviour = 0
  • During the "Flash-over”-test there was just a blackness and a slight hardening but no shrinkage
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