Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 091-7-6 maintenance charger

Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 091-7-6 Rescue/RIT Accessories
BrandLudo McGurk Transport Equipment
Model Code 091-7-6
Model Info

Ludo McGurk Transport Equipment 091-7-6 maintenance master provides a high performance charger to maintain the charge of batteries in emergency power plants and other standby equipment not requiring high recharge rates. This completely automatic charger does not trickle charge the battery but supplies current on demand and completely turns off when the battery is fully charged. A simple, highly reliable piece of equipment for continuous heavy-duty operation. Features include:

  • Automatically charges battery
  • Designed specifically for emergency generators
  • Cannot overcharge battery, no water boil off
  • Economical solution for run down battery in standby equipment
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