KZPT ZS-09 injury proetection helmet for fire fighters

KZPT ZS 09 Helmet
Model Code ZS 09
Neck Protection?Yes
Model Info

Shell: polyester-glass laminate. Shock-absorbing insert made of polyurethane foam. Strengthened with an inner bowl. Provides maximum technical resistance and stroke-absorption. Face protector (sight) which can be hidden inside, is made of polycarbonate covered with hardening coat, provides resistance to flame, chemicals, infra-red radiation.

Supporting belt with tapes made of polyamide chin belts with a clip, made of Nomex fabric, 22mm wide with black leather cover. Switching plate, made of polyamide with glass fibre. Retention belt equipped with a regulating system (54-62), made of polyamide and leather. EN 443:2008.

Fixed with a clip-on collar (nape of the neck protection). Torch with a switch, attached to the helmet with a holder mask fixed to the helmet with a holder. Co-operates with modern wireless communication sets. 

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