KZPT AK-06 helmet for drills and rescue operations

KZPT AK-06 Helmet
Model Code AK-06
Neck Protection?No
Model Info

Shell: Polyester kevlar-glass laminate. Smooth, without sharp folds. Good stroke-absorption parameters. High resistance to thermal flux (14 kW/m2). High electric class of basic and optional character (E1, E2, E3).

Provides full stroke-absorption within the temperature range: 30o C to + 100o C. Resistant to influence of the environment of 2000 C. Face protection which can be hidden inside shielding the eyes against flashes, high temperatures and close contact with flames as well as mechanical influence such as chips.

Convenient regulating system of head circumference at the range between 54 and 62 cm. Torch holder, which enables a torch with an appropriate attaching part to be fitted to the holder.

Used with breathing apparatus of all types. Clinches to support breathing masks without the necessity to take off the helmet. Weight: 1300g +/- 5%. 

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