091-207-12 Auto Charge 20 LPC with front panel connections for remote display and auxiliary loads

Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc. 091-207-12 Rescue/RIT Accessories
BrandKussmaul Electronics Co. Inc.
Model Code 091-207-12
Model Info

091-207-12 Auto Charge 20 LPC is a fully automatic battery charger designed in a compact rugged package that saves valuable compartment or under seat space in fire apparatus and other emergency vehicles. The LPC series smart chargers, provide rapid replenishment of batteries, with a clean, no electronic interference output. May be used for positive and negative ground systems. Front panel connections allow easy wiring of AC Power, Batteries, Remote Indicator, and Auxiliary Loads, such as hand lights, radios, and Auto Pumps.


  • 20A, 12V charge rating
  • Light weight, small low profile size
  • Clean output poses no interference with radios and other mobile electronics
  • Auxiliary 15A output circuit with power source
    selector switch for operating accessory loads: air
    compressor pumps, hand lights or handheld radios
  • Front panel connections for remote display and
    auxiliary loads
  • Designed for rigors of emergency vehicle use; heavy duty aluminum case
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