Intelagard HMDS

Intelagard HMDS Decontamination System
Model Code HMDS
Privacy Enclosure?No
Chemical Resistant?No
Multi-Head Output?No
Carrying Case?No
Model Info

The HMDS is a Humvee/tactical trailer mounted decontamination system that provides a platform system to optimize the power of the military's high-mobility vehicles. This powerful system incorporates an 80-foot (24 m) hose reel, front and rear-mounted terrain decontamination capabilities, and a roof-mounted monitor for equipment and infrastructure decontamination operations. The monitor includes both joystick remote operations in cab, as well as wireless remote capabilities for an operator up to 500-feet (152 m) from the vehicle. The system is configured for draft refill from bulk storage containers, and has been tested for deployment of DF200 solution, 10% High-Test Hypochlorite (HTH) and 10% Super- Tropical Bleach (STB) solution, in addition to water, seawater, soapy water and fire fighting foams.


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