Intelagard H1 Intercept

Intelagard H1 Intercept Decontamination System
Model Code H1 Intercept
Privacy Enclosure?No
Chemical Resistant?No
Multi-Head Output?No
Carrying Case?No
Model Info

The Intelagard H1 Intercept is a small trailer or vehicle transportable fire fighting/CBRN decontamination system that includes Intelagard Compressed Air Foam (CAF) deployment technology. Complete with on-board fluid reservoirs (100 gallons / 379 liters standard), 1 inch (2.5 cm) standard flat lay or non-collapsible fire hose on a reel, a foam nozzle and shutoff valve, it can be configured for either compressed gas cylinder power or an on-board air compressor for long term, large scale operations.


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