Gimaex OS 1200 T Mobile CAFS One Seven Firefighting System

Gimaex OS 1200 T Foam Equipment
Model Code OS 1200 T
Application MethodPortable
Nozzle TypeCAFS
Flow Rate (GPM)30~90
Model Info

Self-contained One Seven foam system. Dimensions: 1100 x 705 x 950 mm. Weight: 298 kg (without fuel). Frame suitable for the storage of a DIN TS 8/8. 4 fold-away handles. Flow: 8~170 l/min/ Working pressure 8 bar. Screw type compressor. Self-contained One Seven foam system. Dimensions and weight match DIN 14410 values. 2 outlets. Can deliver 1.400 liter compressed air foam per minute by the One Seven C-outlet.

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