ARRS1 Rope Rescue System from Amkus

Amkus ARRS1 Extrication System
Model Code ARRS1
Carrying Cases?Yes
Model Info

Sets up in under 2 minutes. Eliminates setting up time-consuming pulley systems. Eliminates need for load releasing hitches. Reduces number of rescuers needed topside (2 people can do the work of approximately 8-10 used in traditional rope rescue). Dramatically reduces complexity of any rope rescue. Achieve and maintain greater proficiency with less training. Passes knots with ease. 1000 lb. working capacity with 10:1 safety margin. Simple operation reduces probability of dangerous mistakes. Instant stop with zero shock loading. Rope automatically aligns with the direction of the load. Precise control allows a load to be raised and lowered a fraction of an inch at a time for critical precision lifting. Precision lifting and lowering speed control. Includes: 1 120 VAC Rope Rescue Device (1000 lb. Live WLL), 1 Foot Switch, 1 Hitch Extension, Carrying Case.

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